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The history of the producer center "Spamash" started in May 2004, when a creative subdivision – a Producer center - was created as a part of the capital "Spamash" unitary enterprise.
To work for the center some of the most famous and talented Belarusian authors were invited: Leonid Pronchak, the lyricist, became Director of the producer center "Spamash"; Vladimir Kondrusevich, the composer, was appointed as Art Director.
 Leonid Pronchak is a Belarusian poet, journalist and interpreter. More than 200 pieces of his poetry became popular songs. Today they are performed by the famous Belarusian bands “Syabry” (“Friends”), “Pesniary” (“Singers”), and such artists as A. Lanskaya, I. Buslaj, etc. He is the author of the libretto for the musical “Africa” and the pop-opera “Maxim”, the book “Belarusian America”. Also, Leonid Pronchak published several collections of poetry.
Vladimir Kondrusevich is a Belarusian composer, author of many large-scale musical works including the ballets “Krylya pamyaty” (“Wings of memory”)" and “Mefisto”, the musicals “Julia” and “Stackan vody” ("A glass of water”). In 2008, the composer presented a new performance which was the musical "Biker" (based on the novel by Choderlos de Laclos “Dangerous liaisons”) to the audience. Also, he is the author of the music to more than 150 performances and 50 films. Since 1979 he had been a member of the Union of composers of the USSR (since 1992, the Union of composers of the Republic of Belarus). Vladimir Kondrusevich is a laureate of the international all-Union and Republican contests and festivals. He was awarded a medal of Francisc Skaryna.
The main idea of the establishment of the Producer center was the promoting of the development of Belarusian pop stars and the searching for young and talented songwriters and performers who could represent our country at the stage of other countries and compete with the brightest representatives of the show business in the CIS and Europe.
The first step to realize this goal was the search for the young and talented artists all over Belarus. First of all, the direction of the Producer center "Spamash" paid attention to the new-coming but promising artists, who according to their social status (children from single-parent families, orphans and others) desperately needed support. After all, as you know, many capable guys do not have the necessary funds to invest them in their creative development – to buy the repertoire, to pay for classes with teachers of vocal, choreography, to make the costumes, etc. And in the framework of the Producer center you can bring up these stars ready to start their career on the big stage not only in Belarus, but also in other countries.
In a short period of time, a team of the Producer center held castings in different regions of Belarus, and the first artists who in April 2005 were employed by the center were Alena Lanskaya and Ivan Buslaj. Later, other popular today’s performers joined the team of "Spamash".
After several years of intense creative activities it became clear that the Producer center «Spamash», in fact, is ready to sail on the waves of the Belarusian show business. To confirm this fact, on 03/04/2008 a separate legal entity – Private concert unitary enterprise “Producer center “Spamash” – was created. Find the legal and banking details.
The Producer center grew up and developed helping many Belarusian performers for them to be realized in various steps on stage. At various times, the famous today artists in Belarus and Russia were among the educatees of "Spamash":
- Anna Sharkunova
- Herman
- Julia Guseva
- Nikita Fominykh
- Natalia Turova
- Vitaly Gordey
The best Belarusian and Russian lyricists and composers, vocal coaches, choreographers worked with each of them trying to convey every bit of their skills.
Those who led the "Spamash" at different stages of its activities were Alexander Kubyshkin, Vladimir Vavilov, Pavel Firsov, Sergey Kravtsov. They invested a lot of effort during the formation of both each the artist and the Production center.
Today the team of the Producer center «Spamash» includes:
Vladimir Shpitalnikov – a producer, Director of the Producer center "Spamash".
Leonid Shyrin – a composer, Art Director of the Producer center "Spamash"
The soloists of the Producer center "Spamash" are:
- Alena Lanskaya, the Honoured artist of the Republic of Belarus
- Ivan Buslaj
- Daria
- Alexey Gross
The educatees of the Producer center "Spamash" do regularly participate in the international contests of pop singers bringing awards from all over the world. The artists of the Producer center “Spamash” have already gained the awards at the contests held in Russia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, the United States and other countries.  In all the contests the young performers presented the songs written by the lyricists and composers specifically for them.
Today among our authors are well-known Belarusian and European poets and composers: V.Kondrusevich (Belarus), L.Pranchak (Belarus), L.Shyrin (Belarus), A. Shyrin (Belarus), Y.Vashchuk (Belarus), E.Oleynik (Belarus), J.Bykova (Belarus), O.Boldyreva (Belarus), V.Rudenko (Belarus), Bernard Lohr (Sweden), James Earp (United Kingdom), Marc Paelinck (Belgium), Georgis Kalpakidis (Greece), Katie Taylor (United Kingdom), Dele Ladimeji (United Kingdom), Ayumi Miyazaki (Japan), Amy Pearsons (United Kingdom), Pete Woodroofe (United Kingdom), etc.
However, even a super-modern hit is not enough to create an artist, so our vocalists do work hard with a team of talented vocalists and creative people. Performers attend vocal studies, choreography, sports, English language classes, improve their acting skills and the scenic speech, learn the basics of etiquette.
Summarizing, we can say with certainty that the performance of the artists of the Producer center «Spamash» is always a joy for the listeners!

All our artists perform in the format of a "live sound"



Leonid Shyrin – Art Director

Zodiacal sign: Leo
Favourite season: spring
Favourite colour: turquois
Favourite dish: sushi
Favourite film: “An unfinished piece for mechanical piano”
Musical instruments: playing the guitar, piano, and accordion
Taste in music: S. Rachmaninov, «Dire Straits», «Queen», Paco de Lucia, A. Celentano, Jango Reinhardt.
Hobby: painting the pictures, writing the lyrics

  • Laureate of the reward “Rock-karanacyja” (“Rock-coronation”), 1993
  • Laureate of the "National Music Award" in the category "The Best Music Author", 2011
  • Music Director of the TV projects in Belarus: "Musical Court", "I sing", "Talents academy”, "Song of the year", "Musical cocktail”
  • Participation in the international music projects: "Slavianski Bazar", "Euro voice-2010»
  • In the creative collection there is an authorship of the songs for the pop stars from Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine: Jadwiga Poplavskaya and Alexander Tikhanovich, Natalia Podolskaya, Alena Lanskaya, Tina Karol, "Da Vinci", ensemble "Pesniary", Inna Afanasieva, and Ruslan Alekhno. As well as the music for the following films: "The Salvation Army", "Mayor Vetrov”, “June, 1941”, “Casual acquaintances”.



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