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Аleksey Gross

«Aleksey Gross is a talent and a charm of youth»

Aleksey was born on September 25th in the city of Soligorsk. He started his musical career like many professional singers do – with a music school where he devoted six years to playing the drums. Having finished the school, Aleksei performed on stage as a member of Soligorsk Jazz Orchestra.
In 2010, Aleksey graduated from Minsk State College of Arts, Department of vocal studies.
Aleksey first appeared on stage as a singer in 2005 within the framework of an open competition «Muzychny Forum» («Musical forum») in Soligorsk. The first Aleksey’s award in the field of song art was the 3rd place at the Minsk City Festival of a Patriotic Song in 2007, and in 2008 the artist received a special prize «Nadezhda» («Hope») at the Republican competition of young performers «Belazovski accord».
In 2012, Aleksey came over a casting at the producer center «Spamash» and now is working on a solo singing career under the guidance of a professional team. With the production center forthcoming, the life of a young artist has filled with concerts, lessons of singing, choreography, and English classes.
The same year 2012, Gross took the 2nd place in the elimination round of the international contest of pop singers «Novaya volna» («New vawe»).
The first track performed by Aleksey was «Make it so!» which sounded on the radio stations in the country for a long time. Fashionable rhythms did not leave indifferent either advanced young people and those who were «grooving» by disco of the 80’s. Then, he had an experience to work with a Belgian composer Marc Paelinck, who once recorded two English-language songs together with Aleksey and a famous Belarusian composer and producer Leonid Shyrin.
The unusual manner of performance and vocal skills was evaluated both by the audience and the professional jury at the National elimination round of a song contest «Eurovision-2013». Aleksey who performed the song «One Way Love» by the Belgian composer Marc Paelinck entered the top ten finalists and grooved on stage in front of the audience consisting of many thousands of fans of the contest.
Today Aleksey Gross is not only a new name in a show business but also an modern youth trend. Unlike many nowadays artists Aleksey is a sample of manhood, self-confidence and a reasonable restraint.
His art touches the heart and soul of the listeners, and the songs are filled with sincerity and tenderness. Aleksey continues to work on new compositions, which you will soon be able to hear on the air of the country's leading radio stations.

Aleksey Gross. Musical biography

1998 – 2004 – studies at music school (percussion instruments).
2003 – performing as a part of the Soligorsk Jazz Orchestra.
2005 – the first performance on stage in the framework of the open contest of vocalists aged from 16 to 25 years called “Muzychny Forum” (“Musical forum”), Soligorsk.
2006-2010 – studies at Minsk State College of Art (voice department).
2007 – participation in the Minsk city festival of a patriotic song.
2008 – participation in the Republican competition of young singers “Belazovskij accord-2008”.
second place at the International competition of young singers “New wave-2012”;
qualified the casting at the Producer center “Spamash”;
participation in the International Festival of Arts “Slavianski Bazar in Vitebsk”;
entered the top ten finalists at the National elimination round of the contest “Eurovision-2013”;
participation in the filming of a new TV project by “Belarus 1” channel called “Mesto vstrechi” (“Meeting place”);
participated in the TV project "Gold collection of Belarusian pop stars” (Duet with Daria “Sbudetsya – ne sbudetsya” ("It will come true or won't come true”);
participated in the concert “9-th Christmas hockey tournament for the prize of the President".
participated in the “9-th International Christmas hockey-lovers tournament for the prizes of the President of the Republic of Belarus”;
January 12, participated in the program "Bray-ring" (ONT TV channel);
participated in the concert program at the Reception on behalf of the Head of State on the occasion of the New Year;
Alexey Gross and Eugene Slavich performed at the central city library n.a. Y. Kupala in the framework of the 75th anniversary of the formation of the Soviet district;
participated at a benefit concert in support of the Charity Fund “Touch a life”.
Aleksey Gross

2007 – Diploma – 3rd place at the Minsk city festival of a patriotic song.
2008 – A special prize “Nadezhda” (“Hope”) for the participation in the Republican contest of young singers “Belazovskij accord-2008”.
2012 – 2nd place at the International contest of young singers "New wave-2012”.

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