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Alyona Lanskaya


Alyona Lanskaya was born on 7th September 1985 in Mogilev, Belarus. She began singing at the young age of 6 for her audience of family and friends. Although she’s a qualified economist, music took over Alyona’s life and she decided to make it her career choice.
Alyona has a very strict but exciting daily schedule. She jogs 5 kilometers every morning, sings and records songs in the studio, performs at night, and always takes time to meet the press and her loyal fans! During her very rare free moments she loves to bake cakes, meet friends and practice horticulture with her sister Alesya and niece Dasha in the garden of their old country house!
Everything Alyona does, she does with love, passion and total commitment! She regards these things as the most important ingredients for success. Solayoh reflects all these qualities in their essence – our planet earth, a place where love and happiness can live.

SOLAYOH – Planet of love

Alyona Lanskaya, the 2013 Belarusian entry, is living proof that dreams really can come true for anyone! Alyona’s dream was to participate in Europe’s biggest music competition of the Eurovision Song Сontest. Her dream has come true as she is ready to take the stage in Malmö!

The creation of Solayoh’s international team!

The authors of the song are Belgian composer Marc Paelinck and British lyricist Martin King. The song was recorded, mixed and produced at the famous Abbey Road studios in London. The very same studio where ‘The Beatles’ recorded their legendary albums in the 60’s.
Sunshine, sand and heat was added to the song by Turkish producer Senol Korkmaz with his video of Solayoh which was recorded in Istanbul, Turkey. During the recording Alyona received the support of 2009 ESC-winner, Belarus born Alexander Rybak. The choreography was expertly coordinated by Serbian choreographer ‘Zile’ Aleksa Raifovic who will also be responsible for the show in Malmö.

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